Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caliente Lakeside Resort ~ Kamloops Lake ~ Kamloops, BC

Welcome to Caliente Lakeside Resort on beautiful Kamloops Lake, BC.  Kamloops Lake is fresh and clean water that meets or exceeds the Canadian Drinking Water Standard and is right out your door with the privacy and all the beauty you could want.

Caliente Lakeside Resort is being developed on the north side of Kamloops Lake on 147 acres of private property.  This location gets the full benefit of the 2000 hours of sunshine a year that this part of the country enjoys.  When fully developed, the resort will have 10 first class cabins and 10 RV pads, including power, water and septic system, as well as a private wharf and pier.

View on approach to Caliente Lakeside Resort

When you leave the Sabiston Creek Road, this beautiful view will give you a glimpse of the great location you are about to visit. The 3.6 km (2.2 mi) of private road leads you over the hill and gives you a panoramic view down to Caliente Lakeside Resort, nestled lakeside.

Locals -- Bighorn Sheep -- view the development from roadside

This shows the foundations now laid and ready for the construction of the cabins.
We also get visits from California Bighorn Sheep who live on the surrounding hills and make themselves right at home on the hills of Caliente Lakeside Resort.  Click here to see more of the hillside and California Bighorn Sheep visiting Caliente Lakeside Resort on July 1, 2011.

Early stages of pier development

A short boat ride across the lake and east of Caliente Lakeside Resort is the world class Tobiano Golf Resort.  They also have a boat launch as well as a gas dock there.

View across Kamloops Lake from Caliente Lakeside Resort

We are in the drybelt interior with plenty of sagebrush on the hills and baby’s breath and Brown eyed Susan lining the driveways.  Caliente Lakeside Resort is directly across Kamloops Lake from Savona, BC.

Nightime view of Kamloops Lake on approach to Caliente Lakeside Resort

Kamloops, for main shopping and entertainment, is a one hour drive from Caliente Lakeside Resort, half of that on the TCH, (Trans Canada Highway).  Savona, BC, across the lake from the resort and half way between the resort and Kamloops, is about 30 minutes away by road with a convenience store, beer and wine and gas station, as well as other services.  

Boat view of Caliente Lakeside Resort in late summer 2010

Savona, across Kamloops Lake from Caliente Lakeside Resort, has a public beach and boat launch for easy access to the lake for visiting boaters.  For fishermen, Kamloops Lake has trout fishing and at the west end of the lake where the lake water flows into the Thompson River, the steelhead fishing is great.